Accept the First Premier Bank Platinum MasterCard

Current cardholders of a First Premier Bank Credit Card can be selected to receive an offer in the mail to apply for a second credit card from the bank (First Premier Bank Platinum MasterCard) for being a responsible customer with a good history.  These offers are only given to certain cardholders who have met a high standard with their current credit card.  Cardholders can opt to use the credit limit on both First Premier cards or decide to stop the other and simply use the Platinum MasterCard.

If you have been notified by mail that you’ve been selected to receive a second First Premier Bank Credit Card and you’re interested in receiving the Platinum MasterCard visit ( and complete the online application process.  There should be a deadline date the offer is good up to so be sure to apply before the date expires or else the offer may not be valid anymore.  

When applying you should have your confirmation number handy which is highlighted on the mailer you received.  You will also need to accurately enter your name, social security number, and date of birth so the system will match your current information on file ensuring you are a current First Premier Bank cardholder and you currently don’t have a second card application already on file/pending.  The system will ensure your account is in good standing to receive the second card offer with the information you enter into the site.

The first step on the website is to input the confirmation number and click “Apply Now.”  You will need to complete the online application process making sure you enter your correct annual income which must exceed over $10,000.  You will also need to enter your current assets as they will be asked about on the application.  After completing the application it will take about 1 minute to receive a decision on your credit acceptance.  If you’re approved for a credit limit your new platinum card will be mailed to your address on file.

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