Access MyPaychex Online Services

The MyPaychex Self Service portal is a single access point for clients of Paychex Payroll, HR, and Benefits to use to access their employee company records.  Employees of clients who frequently access their Paychex account on a regular basis should bookmark the actual web address to the site so it can be quickly recalled.

When visiting the site you may encounter a security warning that will display that will prevent you from accessing the site so to keep from getting that warning users should add the web address to their trusted sites list.  Depending on which web browser you are using there are different ways to add this particular web address.  Please review the How to Use MyPaychex link for instruction on how this is done.

Once you’ve followed these instructions for bookmarking the site and adding it to the trusted sites list which are only suggested to save you time you can then login to your Paychex account and access your company services.

If you have questions or need assistance with anything you can refer to the MyPaychex Tools section on the home page.  That section has detailed instructions on how to properly use the site.  You may want to download and print out those instructions which are in PDF form so you can review and learn how to access all of the services offered.



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