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Employees of companies who utilize Payroll 1 as their payroll provider can access their paystubs online at the My Payroll 1 Login page.  The site allows employees to view their paystubs for the past 3 pay cycles online and is made available to them 24 hours a day.  This direct access to their pay information also provides employees the option to print out their paystubs and save them to their computer.  Paystubs are available for viewing on each pay date around 6am.  

To access your paystub employees can visit ( and utilize their User Name and Password to logon to the site.  First-time users of the site will need to complete the online registration form by clicking “New User?” located on the home page of My Payroll 1.  When completing the online registration you will need to know your Client Number and Employee Number to successfully enroll in online service.  When you’ve finished the process and created your login credentials you’ll have access to your paystub information from any computer or device that utilizes a browser and internet access.  Employees can sign on to their account from their smartphone or iPad as long as they know their User Name and Password.

During tax season when employees are expecting W-2’s to be sent to their home Payroll 1 employees can view and print out their W-2’s online from their account.  All of your past W-2’s are available for access inside your account per year you worked with the company.  Whenever you need to prove your income if you’re applying for a loan you’ll always have access to your company W-2 from your online account.

Terminated employees will have access to My Payroll 1 until their termination information has been reported to the payroll department.  After it’s been reported the online access will go away.  

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