Access Your Hampshire College Webmail

Students and alumni at Hampshire College can access their personal email account via the Hampshire College online webmail portal.  Recently the email service has been updated to a newer version that will look different the next time you login.  With new updates it will take some getting used to but for users who want to revert back to the old version it will be available for use temporarily before being shut off.  It can be accessed at

To access your Hampshire College email account students and teachers can visit the webmail portal and enter their username and password to login.  Email can be accessed through any PC or mobile device with internet connection.  It is preferred that users who desire to sync their email with their mobile devices including smart phones use the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.  This is the preferred email client that the school’s IT department suggests.

There are lots of great features that all email users can take advantage of.  The email vacation feature is good for users to inform anyone who may be trying to contact them via email that they won’t be available due to their vacation.  It’s always a good practice to get into so others will know you aren’t readily available for responding.

Email forwarding is another option for users who simply want all of their school emails sent to a primary email address that they are more comfortable with.  Some people don’t want to have to login to multiple emails so the solution to that is set all of your Hampton emails on forward to be sent to your primary email address.

Email vacation and forwarding are two features that most Hampshire College email account holders should utilize on a regular basis.



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