Access Your Jewelry Television Preferred Account

Customers of Jewelry Television approved for a Jewelry Television Preferred Account can access their account online at the JTV My Preferred Account site.  The site allows accountholders to utilize a User ID and Password to logon to their credit account and view their account transactions, pay their monthly bill, view their billing statements, etc.  Customers can utilize the site 24 hours a day 7 days a week from their home computer, smartphones, iPad, and other internet enabled devices.

With the JTV Preferred Account access customers don’t need to wait for their billing statement to arrive in the mail.  All of the information shared on the billing statement is recorded inside their account on a real time basis.  To stop receiving a paper billing statement every month just login to your account, select “Manage Account > Statement and Disclosure Delivery Preferences.”  Whenever a new statement is available you will be notified by email so you can login and view it online.

Frequent buyers of JTV with a preferred account will enjoy a dedicated line of credit.  Once a customer has been approved for credit it will be available for use anytime they decide to make a purchase.  There are also no annual fees on your credit card account.  As a member you will receive special offers and promotions on exclusive jewelry.  Some offers will arrive in your email inbox or during a live taping of a show.  With your account you will receive special financing on various items throughout the year.

Having an account also means you will be able to shop more conveniently and quickly.  Whenever you see an item you want to purchase because you’re a member and all of your information is already stored on file the purchase can be easily made online or by calling in.  If you haven’t registered for an online account please take a few moments to go through the registration process and sign up for an account.  The registration link can be found at

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