Access Your Metabank ETA Visa Prepaid Card

Cardholders of the Metabank ETA Visa Prepaid Card can access their account information online through the Metabank Cardholder Online Account service.  The service is convenient and free to use as members can register for an account, create a User ID/Password, then begin logging in to check their balance 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

There are some free features available to members through the online service which are balance check, alerts setup, and direct deposit setup.  Cardholders can also enjoy free cash withdrawals from their account when they make purchases.  They just need to ask the cashier for cash back or select this option on the debit/credit machine as they are making their purchase.  When visiting an ATM for cash withdrawal there is a $1.95 charge.

As soon as funds are deposited on the card members can immediately begin using it.  They won’t have to worry about overspending because they can only spend what is deposited in their account.  Purchases that are more than is available in their account will be declined.  The alert feature is a great tool to use to send out reminders of your account balance so you’ll always stay informed.

The Metabank card can be used anywhere that accepts Visa debit cards.  It can also be used for paying bills.  There is an online bill pay service already established inside your account that lists thousands of billers in their database that are setup to receive one-time or recurring electronic payments.  Sending paper checks is another option for members for a fee of $2.50.  Cardholders should take advantage of these services as they will save them time and money.

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