Access Your U-Haul Storage Account Online

U-Haul customers interested in managing their account online can utilize the U-Haul Storage Account web portal.  The Storage Account is a convenient way for customers who are renting a storage unit to review their account information, make online payments, track their storage contents, and so much more.  With this online service there is no need to call your local U-Haul storage office when you have questions about your account.  There is also no need to wait for a bill to arrive in the mail.  Customers can simply login to their account online 24 hours a day 7 days a week to manage their account and make payments.

First-time users of the site can register for online access by visiting and clicking the link “Don’t have a storage account?  You can set one up here.”  You will need to enter your email address, state, storage room #, customer receipt #, and create a password.  After you’ve completed the registration process you’ll have complete access to your account and be able to login from any public computer, mobile device, smartphone, or home laptop.

Customers can make their regular monthly storage payments from inside their account by paying with a credit card or bank draft.  Since this is a recurring payment monthly payments can be automatically paid on the due date using either payment option.  The pay by mail is option is always available to customers who are interested in paying by check.

Other features included in the online service are the ability to communicate with your local facility manager if you have questions.  You don’t have to pickup the phone to talk to them but instead use the email feature.  Customers can also track all of their payments via payment history and manually print out receipts if necessary.

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