Activate Your Brinks Prepaid MasterCard Today

If you’re having trouble getting approved for a credit card or maybe you’re looking to begin using a prepaid card for all of your purchases, take advantage of the Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard offer you received in the mail.  The offer includes the actual card that you will use and all you have to do next is activate the card either online or by calling 1-877-798-9067.

If you plan to activate your card online you will need to enter your 16 to 20 digit card number in the Enter Card # field.  Continue to follow the brief instructions on how to properly activate your card and within a few seconds it will be ready for use.  Cardholders can stay on the site to add money to their card quickly by transferring money from their PayPal account, bank account, or from another Brink’s prepaid card accountholder.

The other ways customers can add funds to their card is through employer payroll or government direct deposit or by visiting one of 130,000 reload locations participating in the NetSpend Reload Network.  Once you’ve setup your account you’ll be able to use the login credentials that you created during the activation process to sign in to your account anytime.

Your new Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard can be used just like any ordinary MasterCard for purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  You have now broadened your buying power to retail outlets, shopping online, car rentals, hotel stays, and more.  The key is you can only spend what you have deposited on your card which helps you to budget and manage your finances better.

Customers won’t have to worry about maintaining a certain minimum balance, accumulating late fees, and no credit check required to receive a Brink’s card.  If you received a card in the mail just activate it and get started using it.



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