Activate Your Lifetime V Tec Technical Support

If you recently purchased a brand new computer you should have received an offer from V Tec Support to receive a lifetime of technical support.  This is a convenience for PC users because it provides immediate assistance whenever problems arise with your computer.  It eliminates the need to visit a computer repair shop to solve your PC problems but instead utilize the technicians available 24/7 which will remotely access your computer and provide you with assistance.

V Tec Support offers their clients a number of services centered around any computer problem they may incur.   Customers can expect experienced assistance with their computer in the event there needs to be virus removal, spyware removal, PC cleanup, installation of firewalls, setting up PC protection, problems with connecting to the internet, and more.  There is a comprehensive list of services offered by the company posted on their website which computer users will find helpful.

The first step in signing up for V Tec’s service is to activate and register your computer using the activation link at  Enter your activation code (which is found in the information with your new computer purchase) along with your name, email address, phone number, confirm your new computer, and answer the final 2 questions.  Your activation code should be 10 digits.  After you’ve completed the online activation form your new computer will be officially registered for future support.

In the event you need immediate assistance for your new PC V Tec can be contacted at 1-855-213-5984 or via email via [email protected]  Along with help for your computer technical support is also available for printers, networks, smartphones, mp3 players, digital cameras, and more.

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