ADP Spending Account Online Services

ADP employees who are signed up in the company’s Flexible Spending Account can access their account online at the ADP Spending Account Online Services.  This online service allows employees to have more flexibility with their accounts and enjoy more individual personal management.  Like most company benefit services they allow employees to be more independent with their benefits and have more control.

Employees like the idea of managing their own benefits account especially using online services.  They are much more convenient than the traditional options of having to contact your Human Resources Department when you have questions.  Another popular option that employees traditionally depended on was having to always call a 1-800 number to speak with Customer Service.  With utilizing a username and password employees can monitor their own account and any questions they may have can be answered many times with the resources available to them inside their account.

To login to your ADP spending account employees should already have a username and password that is needed to access their confidential account.  New users who have enrolled in the company FSA’s can register to have online access by clicking the “New Users – Register Here” button which will guide them through setting up their account and creating a username and password.

The basic benefits of registering for online access to your FSA account is to check your balances, check outstanding claims, display statements, search for and download forms, etc.  These are just a few options but are very convenient for users.  To access your account online and review some of the other features please click HERE.



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