Aetna Members Access to 24/7 Doctors

As a benefit Aetna members now have access to a doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week through the services of Teladoc.  Teladoc is a network of board certified doctors that are available anytime of the day via the web, phone, or mobile app to help members resolve medical issues they or their covered family members may be experiencing right now.  The consultation services that are offered are only $40 or less and members will receive a call back or online video chat from a doctor within minutes.

Teladoc is an alternative service provided to Aetna members which helps them to avoid spending an inordinate amount of time and money visiting the emergency room.  With this service members can receive professional medical help in the comfort of their home or if they are away from home on a trip.  A doctor is only minutes away and can be used to diagnose non-emergency medical problems while also sending in a prescription to your local pharmacy.

Members interested in getting started with Teladoc can visit their website and setup their account.  At the site there are four fields that need to be completed.  You will need to enter your name, date of birth, and Aetna Member ID.  After you’ve finished the process and created a Username and password you will be able to login to your account anytime.

There is an app that is available to members which can be downloaded to your smart phones or mobile devices.  It is a good idea to download the app to all of your devices for easy access when you need to use it.  Members can also bookmark the Teladoc login page as well so it will be easily accessible.  All Teladoc doctors have at least 15 years medical experience and are board certified.

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