American Home Shield Home Warranty Protection

Do you own a home?  If one of your appliances need repairing or if you begin experiencing problems with your air conditioning are you prepared to pay the full cost to get those items fixed?  This is why warranty home protection services like American Home Shield are available to homeowners to assist and take away some of the burden of making costly repairs for home equipment or appliance breakdowns.

Many homeowners are looking to home protection plans to safeguard their homes against untimely breakdowns which can cost a fortune to get repaired.  American Home Shield has plans that will cover your entire home or you can decide on a plan that only covers your appliances or maybe a plan that just covers your plumbing.  There are several options for customers to choose from depending on the concerns you may have with your home.

Right now customers can select individual plans that begin as low as $19 per month or upgrade your plan to cover more than one home component through the Combo plans.  You can combine your air conditioning or ductwork with your appliances or select from another combination.  There are options available to customers and can be customized however you want to.

In the event of a needed home repair American Home Shield uses reputable service contractors in your area to come out to your home and provide the service you need done.  They have relationships with local contractors and schedule your appointments as soon as possible to get those repairs done.

Homeowners will be able to use the AHS online website to make their service requests.  The site provides you 24/7 coverage which will help to get a contractor out to your home quickly.  Customers can make as many online service requests as needed under their plan.



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  • I do not know how you got my name and address however you should research your information I DO NOT own a house there I DO NOT NEEED WHATEVER YOU ARE PEDDLING

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