Apply for LendingClub Personal Loan

If you’re interested in consolidating bills into one loan or paying off some credit card debt consider a personal loan from the Lending Club.  You may have received an invitation in the mail recently to visit Lending Club’s online application website and apply for a loan.  Some basic information to consider is all approved loans begin at a rate of 5.99% APR and that rate can be expected to stay the same over the life of the loan.  Customers that received the invitation are already pre-qualified for a loan and are not required to put down any collateral to be accepted.

For applicants interested in applying for a loan from the LendingClub visit (  You will need to locate your invitation code which is printed on the letter you received in the mail.  It consists of 12 digits/letters which you’ll input into the appropriate field on the homepage.  The invitation code is sort of an identifier that identifies your pre-qualification information in the system to begin your loan personalization.  The application process only takes a few minutes and at the end you will receive an instant decision on your loan acceptance.  

Through LendingClub customers can expect to receive affordable payment term options that you will need to agree to prior to accepting the loan.  Loan terms can extend out to 36 months.  Your agreed upon monthly payments will be fixed and will not increase or decrease.  They will remain the same for the duration of the loan terms.  If a customer desires to payoff the loan prior to their term limits they can do so without facing prepayment penalties.  

The invitation to apply for a LendingClub personal loan is only available according to the promotion period indicated on the letter you received in the mail.  You must respond to it prior to the expiration date.  Customers can also choose to submit their application via mail using the attached reply card.  

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