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Consumers interested in applying for a Verve MasterCard can apply online by visiting www.yourvervecard.com.  You will need to enter your Reservation Number when applying.

The Verve MasterCard from Mid America Bank & Trust Company can be your credit card today by completing the online application.  The initial credit limit after getting accepted for the card is up to $500 that you can begin using to rebuild your credit history and improve your credit score.  If you’ve received a pre-selection letter in the mail then take the next step towards getting a new credit card or upgrading the one you already have.

YourVerveCard MasterCard




To apply online visit www.yourvervecard.com and input your Reservation Number and social security number.  Your Reservation Number is 12 digits long and is located on your pre-selection letter.  The online application process is the quickest way to see if you’re definitely approved for a Verve MasterCard as you’ll receive a decision within seconds.  After you’re approved your new card will be mailed to your address.

Customers who aren’t interested in applying online can utilize the toll free number on your pre-selection letter to call and speak with a representative.  The representative can take your information and determine if you qualify for a credit limit.  Another alternative for customers is to complete and return by mail the Acceptance Certificate that is attached to your letter.  This is obviously the slowest way to receive a response because of mail travel time but it’s an option for customers who decide to use this route.

Verve MasterCard Benefits


What are the benefits and perks associated with a Verve MasterCard?  The Verve card is for consumers with less than average credit.  It comes with an up to $500 credit limit initially and utilizes Continental Credit Protection to assist cardholders with their monthly payments in an event of job loss, disability, or, hospitalization.  CCP will also cancel your outstanding account balance up to $5,000 in the event of an untimely death.

Your new card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted and you can take advantage of online account access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  With this service you can better manage your account by paying your bills online, viewing recent and past transactions in real time, monitoring your account balance, etc.

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