Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perks Rewards Program

If Auntie Anne’s is one of your favorite places to visit when you’re hungry or looking for a great tasting in-between meal consider participating in their rewards program.  The Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perks Rewards program is available for customers to take advantage of and receive free pretzels and special discounts on other items.  As you begin to accrue points you’ll be able to earn larger perks.

The rewards program basically allows customers to receive 10 points per every dollar spent along with 20 points per visit.  Every trip you make to Auntie Anne’s you can begin to see the earning potential in your purchases and your visits.  The rest of the perks are outlined below:

  • Pretzel Welcome Fan – just for signing up in the rewards program newbies will receive a free pretzel on their birthday and special discounts/offers.
  • Every 300 points – every time a customer reaches the 300 point mark they will be eligible to receive a free pretzel item
  • Pretzel Lover (500) points – free birthday pretzel, continued special discounts and offers, per each visit customer will receive 10 bonus points, and Auntie Anne’s souvenir lemonade cup
  • Pretzel Perfect (1000) points – free birthday pretzel, continued discounts, 20 bonus points each visit, Auntie Anne’s souvenir lemonade cup, and Auntie Anne’s T-shirt

The program includes an app for customers to download to their smartphones and is available for Android and Apple devices under My Pretzel Perks.  It provides users with several options including tracking their points and status, listing the coupons they’ve earned, displaying their rewards balance, full menu listing, and a store locator.  The rewards app is easier to review your account than visiting the program website at

If you enjoy the food at Auntie Anne’s then take advantage of the rewards program and start saving some money on the discounts and free offerings available.

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