AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Coverage Club

Are you interested in an Auto Club that has comparable rates to AAA?  If so then look no further than with AutoVantage.  AutoVantage offers their customers many of the same services as AAA as well as additional services for a more affordable annual rate.  For a typical family of four drivers AAA charges their customers $139 but AutoVantage only requires their customers to pay $69.99 per year.

In comparison to AAA, AutoVantage offers additional coverage options that AAA does not offer.  They offer 150 mile towing coverage at no additional charge while AAA offers the first 100 miles free but anything over is covered by you.  Depending on where your car breaks down those extra 50 miles can go a long way to prevent you from having to pay more.

AutoVantage also uses the LocateMe technology that utilizes the largest cellular carriers in the country to assist with locating your vehicle.  AAA only works with certain carriers which may take them longer to pinpoint your exact location.  In situations where your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere if AAA can’t ascertain where you are through their service you will need to provide them landmark features in order to get a wrecker out to your location which would be timely.

A huge preference for AutoVantage customers is the option to cover the entire family under one low annual fee.  There are no extra costs when you want to add another family member to your plan.  With AAA there is an additional fee for each new family member that is added to your plan.

Other services offered to customers that AAA doesn’t offer is Lock Out Assistance which covers not only your car but your home or apartment as well.  If you ever lock yourself out you can call AutoVantage to be there for you.  Depending on what is wrong with your car customers can take advantage of another service which is the Mechanic’s Hotline.  Mechanics are waiting via the phone line to help you understand what is wrong with your car and how much you can expect to pay for repairs.

Much like AAA AutoVantage also offers discounted services for hotels, car rentals, car care, and more.  Take the time to visit their website HERE and see how they can be a benefit to you and your family.



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