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If your family has a Comcast cable TV subscription then I’m sure you’re a fan of the Comcast On Demand channel Music Choice.  It is probably the most popular channel on On Demand where many people hangout to watch the latest music videos.  If you are one of those people have you heard about the Music Choice Insiders community?  It is a community of music lovers who have the opportunity to make suggestions to Music Choice concerning the music they want to see and hear.  From time to time members are also able to ask questions to MC executives as well.

As a member what can I expect?  Once someone joins the community they will receive surveys via their email account about various topics that the MC channel wants to get your opinion on.  Members will voluntarily complete the surveys and send them back to MC.  All of the information and ideas that is shared by members on the surveys will be used to help improve the music channel.  This is a great way for music fans to become involved with what they hear and see on Music Choice.

Please keep in mind that you will not be bombarded with survey’s arriving in your email.  Depending on your profile information you will receive certain types of surveys which best fit your profile description.   There are also rewards that may be given for members as an incentive for completing the survey.

Members are not under any obligation whatsoever.  They can cancel their membership at any time.  If you are interested in becoming a member please click the link HERE.



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