Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner

Are you tired of renting carpet cleaners to deep clean your floors?  Have you considered upgrading your current carpet cleaner to a newer one?  Bissell has unleashed their top of the line model called the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner.  It’s an all purpose deep cleaner that has been tested and outperforms most leading brands available for rent.  The best part about this unit is it  can be purchased online for 4 payments of $49.95 and it comes with a 60 day no risk guarantee which means you can try it at home on your floors for 2 full months and if you’re not satisfied you can return it for a refund.

What is so special about the Bissell ProHeat?  For starters it was designed for more than just for deep cleaning purposes but for fast clean ups as well.  There are 2 adjustable cleaning modes available which are Deep Clean Mode and Express Clean Mode.  The Deep Clean Mode is for tough stains that need extra attention and which may take a few hours to dry while the Express Clean Mode is for lighter stains that doesn’t require as much water or drying time.

It has powerful suction utilizing dual rotating brushes to help pick up ground in dirt and with the patented Heat Wave Technology stains are removed easily.  The Bissell ProHeat works best with Bissell’s own professional formula with antibacterial protection controlling odor-causing bacteria.  The cleaner is not overly bulky and is lightweight weighing approximately 18 pounds making it easy to transport around the house.  

What comes with the Bissell ProHeat?  It comes with the actual cleaner, stain trapper tool, pet stain tool, tough stain tool, and extended 5 year limited warranty.  There are other attachments and upgrades available for customers to select from.  To learn more about the Bissell ProHeat and how it will help transform your carpets visit (

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