Www.BlazeCredit.com – Login to Blaze Visa

Blaze Visa Credit Card customers can access their account information online at www.blazecredit.com.  The site is free to use for all cardholders, you simply need to go through the registration process to setup your account.  Once your account is setup you can use your login and password to sign in to view your balance, transactions, make online payments, etc.

Register For Blaze Credit Card Login

To get started visit the Blaze Visa homepage and select the blue Account Log In button.  You will be directed to First National Credit Card Online Cardmember Services. First National Bank issues the Blaze Visa credit card and handles their online service.

At the site click the blue Register New User link.  You will need to enter a few account details which are your account number, expiration date, 3 digit card security code, the last 4 digits of your social security number, and click the Continue button.  

The rest of the registration process will focus on setting up your security questions and creating your login credentials.  Once you’ve completed everything you can begin using your username and password to access your account. It is now accessible from your home computer, any public computer, mobile devices, and your smartphone.

BlazeCreditCard Payment Options

There are several ways cardholders can make their monthly credit card payment.  For many people the most convenient option for paying is online. There is a payment option via direct debiting from your personal bank checking account that is available.  Users will need to enter their bank’s routing number and checking account number to properly setup this service.

When it’s time for your payment to be made customers can simply wait until the actual payment due date and submit their payment.  As long as your payment is made before 5pm Central standard time you are on schedule. Any payments made after that time will be processed the following business day.

Mail Your Payment

Cardholders that are interested in mailing in their payment can submit to the First National mailing address:

First National Credit Card

PO Box 2496

Omaha, NE  68103-2496

Include credit card account number with payment

Sending your payment by mail requires at least a 7 day window for processing.  You will need to consider mail travel time so submit your payment at least 7 days prior to your payment due date to prevent a late payment.

Pay By Phone

There is an available automated phone system setup to access your account and make a payment.  The service comes with a $3.95 processing fee. Refer to the phone number on the back of your Blaze Visa card.  You can also speak with Blaze credit card customer service to make a payment but the fee still applies.



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