Bowflex Upper Cut With Over 30 Exercises

The Bowflex Upper Cut is an innovative new workout training system designed to build your chest, shoulders, arms, back, and abs.  If you’ve already seen this workout tool in action then you know it can produce results in a short amount of time.  It increases the intensity of the traditional pushup while helping you to incorporate more muscles while doing standard pushups with this device.  It takes callisthenic exercises to a new level by adding much more difficulty to them.

The BUC System utilizes a training technology called ARC that wakes up and utilizes more muscles in your body while you’re training.  According to their website they state that nearly 30% more muscles are activated as you perform each rep.  They also state that you will be able to perform 4 times as many reps as well.

You will be able to perform different variations of presses, pikes, flys, and dives with the BUC.  If you are wanting to build up your abs there are workouts that specifically target that area.  The entire upper body has exercises tailored into this equipment that will definitely provide an awesome workout that will yield results.  Check out their website and watch the short video of some of the exercises you can do.

What do you get when you purchase the BUC?  You will receive the actual workout tool, weight loss plan, Dirty Dozen Workout Poster, mobile web app workouts, manual, speed jump rope, push up handles, and workout DVD.  Depending on which package you select you can receive all of these extras or some of them.  The Base Package costs $99.95 and the Performance Package is $129.95.  Free shipping is also offered with your order.



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