Buy and Add TracFone Airtime Online

SafeLink Wireless customers can now add minutes to their cell phone by visiting the SafeLink Buy Airtime website.  The site allows customers who have run out of minutes on their phone to purchase additional Tracfone air time online to recharge their phones.  Buying additional minutes does not interfere with customer’s regular monthly benefits.

The site is especially helpful for Safelink customers who have had their wireless service disconnected or deactivated.  If your service has been deactivated you will need to call 1-800-SAFELINK for reactivation and to reinitiate your free monthly benefit minutes.  If you desire to continue your affiliation with the Safelink service please call and speak with someone first before purchasing minutes.

For customers who are not planning to reactivate their Safelink service but will instead keep their phone and phone service the Buy Airtime website offers affordable TracFone Airtime cards at reasonable rates.  Here are a few examples of the type of deals currently offered:

  • Buy 120 minutes Get 300 minutes for $29.99
  • Buy 60 minutes Get 200 minutes for $29.99
  • Buy 30 minutes Get 100 minutes for $9.99

Take advantage of the online Tracfone air time minutes or check out the deals in retail shops in your area at the link HERE.



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