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5-Hour Energy $100K Yummification Video Contest

Here’s your chance to enter the 5-Hour Energy Yummification Video Contest and have a chance to win one of four monetary prizes totaling $100,000 to be given away.  The prizes up for grabs are the Grand Prize at $100,000, Second Prize $30,000, Third Prize $10,000, and Fourth Prizes at $1,000.  All monetary prizes will be …

Take the Redbook June Survey and Win $5000

If you have the latest edition of Redbook which is the June subscription consider spending a few minutes taking the online survey and as a reward be entered in the Reader Feedback Sweepstakes and have a chance to win a Grand Prize of $5,000.   There are also second place and runners up prizes which are …

Enter The Famous Amos Cash For College Sweepstakes

In recognition of black history month the Kelloggs Family Rewards program is offering students the chance to be awarded a $10,000 scholarship in the Famous Amos Cash for College Sweepstakes.  As with other sweepstakes contests there is a minimum age limit of 18 years old to participate and it is a requirement that participants are …

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