Alliance United pay my bill online – Login and Make a Payment

Kemper Auto Insurance customers can utilize the Alliance United web portal to access their auto insurance information and make payments online.  The site is up and running 24 hours a day for customers to logon at any time.  Here is an idea of all the features available to users when they login: Go paperless Set … Read more

H&R Block Coronavirus – Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic that the citizens of this country is grappling with which has pushed millions of Americans to the unemployment line due to lost jobs, the government has announced a $2 trillion stimulus plan that will pay each American a Coronavirus Stimulus check, but it comes with some preconditions. H&R … Read more

How Much Toilet Roll – Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator

As we all have discovered toilet paper is hard to find during this Coronavirus pandemic, people are hoarding this more than anything else.  A website was designed to help people understand that you really don’t need as much toilet paper as you think. Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator The Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator website calculates just … Read more