Cato Connect Associate Website for Cato Employees

Cato Connect is an online web portal for newly hired employees to the Cato Corporation which includes new hires to the following stores, It’s Fashion, It’s Fashion Metro, and Versona Accessories.  Newly hired Associates at any of these stores will need to visit Cato Connect to establish their company benefits and begin completing orientation.

The first stage of orientation is the Onboarding Lobby.  At the bottom of Cato Connect there is a link to Onboarding Lobby where Associates will enter their Lobby Pass Code that they should’ve received from Human Resources which will provide them access to Onboarding paperwork.  After completing all the necessary forms available in Onboarding employees will be able to tackle the next step in orientation.

The next step in orientation is to elect company benefits.  Before actually electing benefits new hires will need to register with Cato Connect for access to all company benefit forms.  The registration process only consists of entering in your Lawson Payroll Number, last 4 of your social, date of birth, and creating a password.  Once this information has been established new hires can access Cato Connect and begin completing benefit forms.

There is an option to elect or waive benefit coverage and for additional guidance new hires can refer to the Benefits Guide video.  It is imperative that a decision about electing benefits or waiving them is made during orientation otherwise you won’t be able to make any changes until the next annual open enrollment period.



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  • What a blessing!! The Cato location in Chesterfield Michigan. The store manager Annette is great. Each time I come into the store she is always smiling, always greets me with the best customer service,and selects the best fashion forward merchandise for me. I was struggling with the decision of what to wear to an interview, beside the basic black and white, well Annette convinced me to pop in the new color of hot pink and white under the blazer I purchased, and WOW! I loved it. We added the purse, jewelry, shoes and off I went to my interview. I got the position and thanks to Annette, Cato has a life time customer. I am thankful she was there to assist me. I am coming back for more outfits, keep them coming to chesterfield.

  • The Cato store & staff in Ahoskie, NC is awesome. I truly love the customer service @ that store. I am so tired of going into stores where the staff is so rude and disrespectful. No smiles, no thank-you, no help, just no good customer service. Not @ Cato in Ahoskie. The girls in this store is so helpful and courteous. I faithfully shop there, not only for the fashions, but for the friendly, helpful service. They match me up with jewelry, shoes, handbags, the whole nine yards. All of my co-workers do not believe the change in my attitude at work because of how I feel since I started shopping @ Cato in Ahoskie. The prices, the staff, and the clothes have made a drastic change in my life. Thanks Cato in Ahoskie. I don’t shop anywhere else. Keep up the good work. Thanks to Sharon, Mary, and Annette for making a difference in my life. Yes, I know them by name, because they are so great.

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