Check for Bright House Promotions in Your Area

Bright House Networks has an advertising campaign called Let’s Connect that is offering new customers various promotions and deals to switch to their network for cable, internet, and phone services.  Customers can visit and select the city and state they live in which will reveal the current promotions offered in that area.  There are 12 month and 24 month deals waiting for customers to review.

Depending on your needs there are different selections and packages to choose from.  Before ordering customers can compare the deals available to see which one best suits their needs.  Bright House offers television service under the Premier TV and Standard TV packages.  Premier TV offers over 250 channels while Standard TV offers just over 70 channels.  Lightning 35 Internet and Standard Internet are their high speed internet packages with the Lightning 35 package providing up to 35 Mbps download speed and the Standard package offering up to 15 Mbps.

There are bundled offers available that will save customers money when TV, phone, and internet are packaged together.  To give an idea of a package customers can receive Premier TV, Lightning 35 Internet, Phone, and whole house DVR Service for $122.00 per month.  The lowest deal offered is Standard Internet and Phone for $54.00.  The DVR service allows users to record up to 6 shows at one time and also allows for up to 6 times the storage space of other DVR services.

Another service offered by Bright House is the Echo service that will eliminate WiFi dead zones.  This is a very useful service as most homes experience dead areas where the service isn’t as strong throughout the house.  Without having to go out and buy a repeater Bright House includes their Echo service that is your home networking solution to eliminate weak signals which will distort streaming and internet service.

As with other cable TV providers customers will be able to enjoy On Demand services so they can watch all of the content they’ve missed or simply watch a re-run show or movie.  With the TV Everywhere feature you’ll be able to watch TV on your mobile devices just as if you were at home watching it on your big screen television.  It comes with an app that can be downloaded to your device for viewing.

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