Clean Your Floors with Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System

We’re all looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to cleaning our floors.  We all enjoy our carpets but need a better solution to keeping them clean and looking as new as possible.  A great product that will remove all the dirt and grime attached to most carpets is the all-new Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System.  The Shark Sonic is designed to target stains and really clean your carpets effectively every time.

If you are in need of a carpet cleaner that deep cleans then consider this product.  It utilizes a powerful scrubbing action that works to remove and lift dirt from your carpets.  The Shark Sonic operates at 1000 scrubs per minute which has been proven to be an effective cleaning process.  To make this product work even better Shark has introduced their own low moisture-no rinse cleaner that helps to break up the stuck on dirt that is attached to the carpet fibers.

The incorporation of the scrubbing action and the cleaning solution which Shark has labeled the Sonic Trap and Remove Technology, dirt cannot stay on your carpets.  The formula dehydrates the dirt which helps to release it from the carpet fibers so it can be vacuumed later.  According to their website this cleaning process is so effective that up to four times as much dirt can be removed from your carpet.

If you have carpets that are in need of serious cleaning give the Shark Sonic Duo and cleanser a try.  Customers can take advantage of the monthly payment plan that is 4 payments at $49.95 each or use the 1 payment plan option of $199.80 to purchase the product outright.  With each order you will receive the cleaner, 8 ounces of cleaner, 16 ounces of wood and floor polish, 10 ounces of activating pretreater carpet stand remover, reusable cleaning pads and bottles, and a 5 year warranty.



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