Www.NutriBullet.com/register – Nutribullet Warranty Registration

New Nutribullet customers who recently purchased a brand new Nutribullet unit can register their device online at www.nutribullet.com/register or www.mynutriliving.com.  After you complete the online registration you will receive a 15 month extended warranty plan to further cover your device in case of problems you may experience with it.

Nutribullet Warranty Registration Instructions

The registration process is simple  and only takes a minute or so to complete.  Here’s how you get started:


  • Visit www.nutribullet.com/register
  • Select the type of Nutribullet you purchased
  • Enter your purchase date
  • Enter your product serial number
  • Select where you bought your Nutribullet from inside the drop down menu
  • Place a check in the I’m not a robot area
  • Click the red Next button


After you finish the first part of the warranty registration process continue to the second phase and enter in more details such as:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Phone number

nutribullet warranty registration

When finished completing everything your new warranty will be activated.  You will find at the bottom of www.nutribullet.com/register a link to the warranty details.  Please take the time to review the information given so you will be fully informed on what to expect.  

If your product happens to stop working you can contact customer service at 1-855-34-nutri or you can utilize the customer service link to complete the customer contact form.

Nutribullet Registration Details

Concerning your Nutribullet warranty there are some details to consider.  These details are based on specifics about your warranty, initial steps to take if you’re experiencing problems with your device, and a refund.

Basic Warranty

The basic warranty to each Nutribullet product comes with a 1 year limited warranty.  This protects your device from defects it may have after you purchase it, pull it out of the box, and begin using it.  Depending on the problems you may be experiencing your unit could be either repaired or replaced with a new one.

Some of the problems that the warranty does not cover are daily wear and tear and accidents.  If you are interested in upgrading your warranty for an extended period of time you can take advantage of the 4 year limited warranty which has an additional charge.

Nutribullet FAQ Section

If you begin experiencing problems with your Nutribullet device it’s always good to check out their FAQ section first for any quick answers that could solve your problem.  If you cannot find the solution you’re looking for then visit the Customer Service section of the Nutribullet site.

The Customer Service section has the phone number to speak directly with a representative and a Contact Us form.  You can easily submit your issues and concerns with these two options.

One of the promises that Nutribullet stands by is a 30 day refund program that promises if for some reason you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of the delivery of your initial order, we’ll refund your money (less shipping & processing).




Comments 46

  • Really satisfied about this product . Love it (:

    • Trying to register on line is a farce..can’t get to a form and by the looks of previous comments neither can any one else. Very poor advertising. .Makes me think maybe I should rebox the product and take it back to Costco and buy a Ninja. Poor showing for Nutribullet!!!!!!!!

    • I have also tried to register my Nutri Bullet on line. What a joke and a complete waste of time. Maybe the product isn’t that good so you don’t want to give the extended 3 month warranty!!!!! That’s what it looks like. Consider this as my registering on line. Registration number 23T108051404030.

  • I always wanted to own this machine and was excited when I say it on sale. Great machine.

  • I used to hate veggies now I love them..amazing machine

  • Purchased my Nutribullet at Christmas and it stopped working today 5-22-14.



  • I would like to register my new machine. The registration Number is– 23F504011407697

  • all I wanted to do is register my nutribullet that i just purchased, and have been trying for over 10 minutes to no avail, all i get is propaganda, marketing and unwanted products pushed on me, you should be a shame of yourself to use such cheap tactic to sell additional products.

  • We are enjoying our nutribullet, my husband who has Type 1 diabetes thinks it helps him keep his blood sugars more stable.

  • I would like to register my new machine for the Warranty, why is it so difficult? I guess I will have to mail it in.

  • tied to register my bullet but I’m having difficulty doing so on line, my registration# is 23S403041402088 please register this product for me ….thank you

  • Tried to register like some of the other customers with no success as well. Fix the website please. My product # is 02f503171407723

  • Also tried to register my bullet with no success.
    Please fix your website. My Registration number is 23S403081402701
    Purchased 6/04/14 at Kolh’s

  • It’s disgusting! I ordered the product. BUY ONE – GET ONE FREE Lo and behold! I only received ONE order and it, DEFINITELY wasn’t FREE. I called Customer Service to notify them of the missing FREE ORDER.
    The agent online treated me as if I was lying and argued that there had to be two orders in the box.

    I had to file a claim which will take 30 days to resolve. I love the product but I’m very disappointed
    with the shipping situation, Joy Van Ronkel

  • I just got my Nutribullet a few days ago and I love it, I also have a Magibullet it has been Fourteen years now and it still works great! the stamina of these products are very impressive. Great Product I will mail my registration in. Thanks Guys & Gals.

  • love the machine BUT YOU SERIOUSLY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ONLINE REGISTRATION, THIS IS A JOKE!!!!! I have been trying to register online for over half an hour, have tried every link there is and the page is not available? PLEASE FIX FOR FUTURE PURCHASERS!

  • I love my nutribullet

  • I purchased my Nutribullet on July 14, 2014. Had trouble registering on line. My REGISTRATION NUMBER IS 02F505241403242. Other than having trouble registering online I love my Nutribullet. Thank you
    Diana Lane

    • I was not able to register my MagicBullet / nutribullet online, I have been trying for the
      last two days! Please register this for me. Registration number is 23H405131400748, bought at Canadian Tire October 9th 2014. Thank you.

  • again this want let me register my nutribullet only nwants to sell me something reg number is 02F508291315135 please reg bought dillards wolfchase Memphis store 0411 date 08/16/2014

  • Just purchased your Nutribullet. Tried to register on line but would not let me. My registration # is 23H406121402191. If I do not hear from you people I will have to return it.

    Thanks so much.

  • Was not able to register my nutribullet been trying for the
    Last two days. Please register it for me. Registration number is 23S406161404133.

  • Here is reg #….fix your site!

    Sears:purchased 12/2014

  • I, like so many before me tried to register my Nutribullet online to no avail. This is very disturbing. Please fix your website. I love the Nutribullet but will not recommend it to anyone until the website is fixed.

    Connie Gelu

  • Please register my Nutri Bullet

    Miriam Rosen. Purchased December 9th at bed,Bath and Beyond
    84 Hastings Lane
    Hainesport, NJ 08046. Registration # 02F507261406057


  • try to register my nutribullet/warranty to no avail…..please register#02S409241400760.PLEASE FIX your SITE!!!!!!!

  • i received my nutribullet rx in nov. all i want to do is resgister it.

  • I asked for and received the NutriBullet for Christmas 2014. I love the product so far. The smoothies are easy to make and taste good, but what I love most is the nutritional value. The only problem I experienced was NOT being able to register the product online for the extended 3 month warranty. Please fix!!! In the meantime please process registration number 02f5062514 3236. Thanks!!

  • I Have NOT able to register my product online for the extended 3 month warranty , but I do LOVE the product.PLEASE REGISTER FOR ME; THE NUMBER IS 02F507191400596 THANKS;;

  • My sister got one for x-mass , So I got one , Can not find how to register
    for warranty ,Phone call did not work ether, still on hold ,half hour so far.
    Reg # 23F504281400845. FL 34433.

  • Tried to register my Nutribullet online. Won’t let me. This is totally wrong!!! Fix your site! My registration number is 02S41014140052. DONE!

  • I have been trying since Sunday to register my Nutribullet on line however I have not had any luck the site is still not found tonight please register my product for me registration # 23U711241400888
    I purchased it on Sunday Feb 01,2015 at Costco

  • I got my nutribullet yesterday and am trying to register on line and it is totally useless. I don’t understand why your website is so poor when you are selling such a great product… Get with it you guys

  • My registration # is 23S406091407350 I couldn’t register online & I want the additional 3 month on the warranty

  • Love my nurtibullet but can’t register it.
    My machine code is:23X5010515032610
    Purchase date:03/03/2015
    Purchased online with highstreet tv.please can u register it for me as its impossible to do on ur site.

  • Love Love Love the Nutribulletrx it is in use every day. very angry that i have not been able to register online I have tried several times. rarely do I use snail mail but of course I will have to find away Pleasee fix your website.

  • I am attempting to make the online registration of my nutribullet #23F509061407552.

    • I am not sure if I was able to register my nutribullet pro It said I could get an extended warrenty which I did not want at this time so I don’t know if the registration went through. serial #02s412091400912. The web site is quite confusing.

  • try to register my nutribullet/warranty to no avail…..please register# 02S408261401768 thank you

  • Just received my nutribullet March 4, 2015 and having problems registering it. Please register…my registration number is 23T109161401716 Thank You….send me an email verifying my nutribullet is registered.

  • Your website does not work! I tried to register my Nutribullet, it will NOT allow me to do so.


    THIS IS MY REGISTRATION NUMBER: 232103011602761, I cant find the serial number.

  • I bought my new magic bullet yesterday. I have not tried it as yet. However it says 3 months additional extended warranty service by registering on line. Like others unable to do this! Whats up you people? If this is such a good product…why are we not able to register online?

  • I happened to know my name and e-mail address. I cannot register this Nutribullet that I purchased today, June 14, 2016. This purchased was made at SEARS.

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