Cook Bacon Perfectly With Bacon Wave

Bacon is a favorite for so many families in the mornings when it’s time to prepare breakfast.  Cooking it can be a little messy because of all the excess grease that is created and for some people they struggle with cooking bacon thoroughly from end to end.  What if there was a way to cook bacon perfectly while separating it from the grease?  This is what happens when you use the Bacon Wave.

Bacon Wave is the latest and greatest kitchen tool designed to save you time in the kitchen and cook your bacon evenly all without using your stove top.  All of the cooking magic happens right inside your microwave.  Bacon Wave is a unique cooking utensil that is so different from a traditional frying pan that is normally used.  It is a tool that has slots able to hold up to 14 individual pieces of bacon.  Just slide the bacon through each slot, use the skewers to hold each piece of bacon in place, and simply place the tool in the microwave.

After you allow the bacon to cook for a few minutes you will discover that you’ve just created awesome looking bacon that is cooked all the way through and the excess grease that is created is captured in the bottom of the tray.  The bacon can be taken off and the grease is easily disposed of using the tray.  Another benefit is your bacon does not come out curled up or shriveled.  The skewers hold it together so it comes out straight and perfect.

If you are interested in obtaining the Bacon Wave visit the link below and you’ll be surprised that it only costs $10 to purchase your own.  Along with your purchase you will receive a free Egg ‘N Omelet Wave free.



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