Costco Pro Photo Repair Services

Costco Pro Photo Repair is a service provided by the Costco Photo Center to improve or repair any photo’s a customer wants redone.  The service is great for customers who want to bring to life an old photo that maybe has some dull spots or to improve upon some fine details in a pic.  Whatever you reason for getting photos improved upon the Costco Pro Photo Repair service has the ability to give you the results you’re looking for.

Customers can visit their online site at ( and watch the online video available on the homepage that gives examples of the many different ways an old or damaged photo can be enhanced.  There are lots of before and after pictures for customers to review to get an idea of the type of work the service can do.  Here’s a brief highlight of the types of features customers can select from:

  • add or remove a person from a frame
  • professionally photoshop photos to remove or add features
  • change a person’s features including add/remove weight, remove tattoos, etc
  • crop or trim a picture to remove objects

There are a lot of options available for customers to choose from when trying to redo a picture to look a certain way.  Once a picture has been re-created it can be used for postcards, gift items, calendars, for print, DVD, etc.  

All of the services are performed within a Costco Photo Center.  You will need to visit your local Costco retailer and go to their photo center.  To ensure there is a photo center inside your local Costco you can select “Warehouse Locations” on the homepage of the Pro Photo Repair website and it will do a search to ensure your local Costco has a shop inside.  

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