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Magazine subscribers of Country Living Magazine can utilize the online customer service site to manage their account or make changes to their subscription.  There are lots of subscriber options available to customers online that will allow them to make various changes to their subscription without the assistance of calling a 1-800 number to speak with a customer service representative.

The first step to managing your online account is logging in.  There are three ways to login to your account at the customer service site.  The first option is to enter your account number which is found on any magazine mailing label.  Look at the second row of numbers at the top of the mailing label between #CDS and /9#.  Between #CDS and /9# is your 10 digit account number that can be entered in the Account Number field on the customer service page.

Subscribers can also utilize the second option to login to their account which is their email address and zip code or the third option which is entering in your name, address, city, state, zip code, and country in the appropriate fields.

After successfully logging in to your online account subscribers can perform various functions including checking their account status, verify start and expiration dates, make online payments, renew their subscription, change their mailing address, cancel subscriptions, and more.  The online customer service site is a convenient way for subscribers to manage/monitor their account.



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  • I have been a Country Living subscriber for many years. I recently renewed my subscription on June 2nd of this year at a cost of $29.97 for one year. I received in the mail today, July 17th an offer to renew my subscription for $10.00. How can this be?

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