Create Your Very Own Perfect Bacon Bowls

Who doesn’t love the taste of bacon?  Everyone is looking for an easier way to cook bacon without it creating so much grease or shriveling up to half its original size.  Have you heard of the Perfect Bacon Bowl?  This unique product provides a literally hands off approach to cooking your favorite bacon while allowing you to be creative at the same time.

The Perfect Bacon Bowl cooks your bacon while in a bowl shape.  To get started all you do is wrap the bacon around the bowl shape and place in the oven or microwave for cooking.  Allow the bacon to cook for a few minutes and when it’s done you can simply dump the bacon out of the bowl and you’ll see how your bacon is still wrapped in the form of a bowl shape.

Your cooking creativity comes into play next as you can add whatever breakfast food items inside of your created bowl shaped bacon and enjoy.  For breakfast you can add in eggs, hashbrowns, cheese, potatoes, or more.  Don’t forget about lunch as the bacon bowl is a great idea for a lunch creation as well.  You can create some special dishes including pizza bites, mini bread bowls, burgers, and so on.

The best part about using the bowls to cook your bacon is all of the typical grease that runs off bacon is collected in the bowl tray.  When your bacon is finished cooking you can just throw the excess grease away.  It does not cook or mix with your bacon while in the oven.

Right now customers can take advantage of the Perfect Bacon bowl offer which for $10 gives customers 4 individual bowls and a recipe guide.  The entire order comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.



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