CU Recovery Online Payment Center

C.U. Recovery is a third party debt collector that assists consumers with resolving their past debts that are currently in default.  If you’ve recently been contacted by a representative of C.U. Recovery or maybe received a debt letter in the mail concerning past debts you can resolve the debt by making payments at the online C.U. Recovery Payment Center.

The online payment center has your account information on file and to make a payment via the site you will simply need to select “view payment information” found on the homepage and enter in your CU Recovery Account number which is noted on your debt letter.  After entering in your account number as well as the last four digits of your social security number you will have the option to review your account and submit an online payment.

The site also shares information for users to submit their payment via telephone and their smart phone.  The telephone number to call is 1-800-377-1798 and for users who want to use their smart phone for payments there is an app available for download.  Once the app is downloaded to your phone you can make a secure payment anytime directly from your phone.

Depending on how much your debt is there are options for consumers to either make a one time payoff or make arrangements for monthly installments.  It is very helpful to speak with a C.U. Recovery representative as they can assist you with payment arrangements that are affordable and easy for you to commit to over a period of months.



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