Dell Premium Support for PC’s and Tablets

When purchasing a brand new computer most people have learned through experience that it’s also important to consider who is going to repair your computer if it becomes damaged by a virus or has internal problems.  This is why for Dell customers they can opt to receive Dell Premium Support. Dell Premium Support offers customers expert help available 24 hours a day 7 days a week when there is an issue with their computer or tablet.

Premium Support is available for customers starting at $49 annually and has a lot of benefits to offer.  One of the major benefits offered is SupportAssist technology that is employed on your PC which will detect potential problems with your system. The technology constantly monitors the hardware and software on your PC and if it detects something wrong you will be alerted via system alerts or email concerning the problem. Depending on the problem a Dell expert may give you a phone call to offer solutions.  

Each Dell product comes with a Basic Warranty that has some basic support options such as phone access to technicians or for faulty hardware users can use the mail in service which will for example if you discover you have a bad hard drive they will send you a replacement hard drive and you mail in your old/damaged hard drive.  With Premium Support customers will receive the same basic warranty services but more coverage.  Some of the other coverage includes automated issue detection through Support Assist, assistance with setting up anti-virus software and data backup, help with home network setup, and more.

Customers can shop for Dell personal computers and tablets that already have Premium Support included on the device and added into the cost of the product at  With this service available customers will have access to faster service from technical support and won’t have to deal with long wait times on the phone waiting to speak with someone.  Problems found on your PC can be fixed remotely saving you lots of time.

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