Discover Prepaid Debit Card for College Students

College institutions have united with Discover to offer their students prepaid debit cards so they can receive their excess financial aid payments that is left over after paying their school tuition and fees.  Typically students wait to receive their financial aid refund check by mail which is a timely process but by receiving a Discover Prepaid Debit Card through their school they can now have their refund money deposited to their card which accelerates the process.

All monies deposited onto their Discover card is readily available as cardholders receive an email notification alerting them of their deposit.  By having a prepaid debit card students can better manage their finances which will enable them to pay their bills online and expand their purchasing power.  Students can use their card just like a credit card except they can only spend up to their card balance.

Every transaction that is made using the Discover card can be monitored online using the Acceluraid website.  To enter the site students will need to enter their school name and debit card information to view their account online.  Once inside their account they can utilize the services and features available.  One particular service that is very useful is the bill payment option that will allow students to pay their bills online.  There is an option to pay by paper check or electronically.

Students can also add money to their Discover card by signing up for a Paypal account which can be used to transfer money to their Discover card.  Any monies deposited on the card can be withdrawn for free from the campus Acceluraid ATM or any ATM that has the Discover, Pulse, Money Pass, or Star logo.

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