Earn Points for Servicing Your Hyundai Vehicle

Owners of Hyundai vehicles can join the Hyundai Rewards program and begin earning points by simply servicing their vehicle or shopping for products at the Hyundai Rewards Online Mall.  The online mall has over 3,000 brand name merchants that participants can shop from anytime and earn points.  Since you’re going to service your vehicle at the dealership anyway why not receive something back for it.  The rewards program is free to join and the biggest perk for customers is they can use their rewards points towards the purchase of a new vehicle in the future.  Participants in the program can earn up to 5% or more back.

If you’re interested in participating in the Hyundai Rewards program enroll at (https://hyundai-rewards.com/registerorlogin) to get started.  You can sign up under the “New to Hyundai Rewards?” section which will direct you to signing up for a myhyundai.com account.  By signing up for an account you will be able to have all of your vehicle information stored inside your account along with your rewards info all under one roof.

Members can receive a good idea of how much each dollar that is spent in the rewards mall is worth by viewing the “Member Favorites” section of the site.  They list the top brand name merchants that are participating in the program and how much value they place on each dollar you spend with them.  Currently there is a listing of stores such as Macy’s which gives members 4.05 points for each dollar spent or Groupon which gives 2.7 points per each dollar spent.  Take a few minutes to review the entire list of point totals given by each merchant so you can decide who you want to do business with.

When participating in the program always review the FAQ section to ensure you understand the rules of the program.  

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