Earn Points with Mobiloans Points and Rewards Program

Mobiloans is offering pre-selected customers an opportunity to receive a line of credit as well as join their points and rewards program.  If you’ve been pre-approved for a credit line with Mobiloans an attractive feature is the Mobiloan Rewards program.  Customers can earn points on each draw from their credit line or just by simply making their loan payments on time, making additional payments, and for loan payoffs.  New customers are automatically enrolled in the program and will earn 250 points on their first draw.

Customers will continue to earn points for the duration of their credit line draw and will ultimately fall into one of the 4 tiers in the rewards tier.  The 4 tiers are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.  Each tier offers a pre-established discount that customers can use towards standard fees and charges, below is a list of the discounts per tier and more information concerning each tier can be found at www.mobiloans.com/rewards.

  • Silver – accrue 5,000 points (15% off)
  • Gold – accrue 15,000 points (30% off)
  • Platinum – accrue 25,000 points (50% off)
  • Diamond – accrue 40,000 points (80% off)

When earning points customers need to remember that 250 points are earned just by enrolling in the program, 500 points for making timely payments, and 1,000 points for paying in full.  This is a base guideline to follow for your activities.

Depending on the number of billing cycles it takes a customer to pay off their draw as well as other factors such as the amount of their payments, a customer can save hundreds of dollars in charges.  Customers can keep track of their points balance, accrual history, and reward level achieved by logging in to their account.  All of that information is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week through your login credentials.

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