Employee Access for Community Consolidated School District 21

Staff members of Community Consolidated School District 21 can access their employee pay and benefits information by logging in to the Skyward Employee Access online.  The online site allows staff members to independently monitor their paycheck information per pay cycle including having access to their W-2 for online printing, vacation/sick balances, direct deposit, info, and more.  Employees can conveniently utilize the site around the clock as it’s available for them 7 days a week.

The Skyward Employee Access can be logged on from the CCSD21 Staff website through the Skyward link on the left side of the page.  The site can also be found by visiting (http://skyward.ccsd21.org).  It’s a good idea to bookmark the site so the link to the site can be stored in your web browser for easy access.  Once on the site you will need to enter your Active Directory username and password to access Skyward.  The first page you will see after signing on to the site is the Employee Access homepage.

The Employee Access homepage has two tabs for users to utilize (Employee Information or Time Off).  Clicking the Employee Information tab will bring up various links for employees to review different kinds of information such as pay stub history, bank direct deposit info, estimate of how much your next paycheck will be, and W-2 details.  Any of the links available in the Employee Information section will open to a new Skyward website.

Other features available in the Employee Information section is Personal Information and Online forms.  Staff members can make edits to their personal information such as name, address, or email address and can download any forms available via the Online forms link.  All changes are simply initiated by the user and will need final approval by HR/Payroll.  

The Time Off tab is available for users to access information about their days/hours worked, sick time, personal time, and vacation balance.  Any information an employee has in their file concerning certifications or their professional development will also be available in this section.  

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