Employee Login for Group Administrators

Clients of Group Administrators can utilize the online web portal to access their company benefits plan.  The site is a resource for the Human Resources department, benefits provider, and each employee of a company that is signed up for health benefits.  Group Administrators is a self service site that allows its clients to securely login to their account and view personal information regarding their health plan.

To get started using the web portal each user needs to have a User ID and Password.  If you do not have this information please consult with your Human Resources department.  After you’ve received your login credentials you will be able to sign on to your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Users can access their individual health plan information from their home computer or mobile devices.

The Group Administrator’s website is an extension of your HR department as any question you may have about your health benefits can be answered by simply logging in to your account and navigating to the right sections.  Pertaining to claims employees can review all of their current and past claim details.  You will be able to track and monitor the status of each claim and its movement through the system.

Many employees frequently have questions about what their plan covers and inside their GA account they can review their eligibility without having to sift through paperwork.  All of the plan coverage details are indicated clearly for each employee to understand precisely how their plan works and what it allows.

Any changes to personal information such as name or address changes, adding a dependent, marital status, or other details can be made by each employee.  There are some edits that employees are allowed to make inside their account.  Each user of the Group Administrators site should take the time to fully understand and learn how the online system can help them better manage their benefits.

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