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APS Payroll offers employees an online self service platform to access their paystubs or timecard at  The site is convenient and easy to use requiring users to enter their User Name and password to login.  There are 2 options available for users at the site after they enter their login credentials which is to Login to eSelfserve or to Time Clock.

Utilizing the Eselfserve Login

The eSelfserve time tracking and payroll system is available for employees to access 24 hours a day.  As long as they have their login credentials they can login to their account and view their hours worked and APS paycheck from the site.  When you login for the very first time you will be prompted to change your password.

While logged in notice the your dashboard and how your tabs are arranged.  You should see the following tabs across your screen:

  • Dashboard
  • Pay
  • Info
  • Benefits
  • Docs
  • Training
  • Time off
  • Reviews

Each tab has your online information which you can view by simply clicking the appropriate tab you want to enter.  To view your paystubs select the Pay tab at the top of the screen. You will have access to your paystubs from the previous pay periods.  

Pertaining to their paystubs the APS Payroll login provides users with current and past payroll information including previous pay stubs and previous W-2’s.  Instead of trying to figure out where you placed your past paychecks or if you’ve lost them, this information is always securely stored online via the ESS site. Employees will only need to login to their account profile and all of their past pay stubs will be available for access.  

View Time Card

To view your timecard from inside your account you will need to select the blue clock in the top left corner.  After selecting this feature you will be placed in the timeclock mode. Select your department from the drop down menu and click the clock in button.  On the display you will see your in time and out time and regular hours worked and total hours worked.

eSelfservice Features

A great payroll feature that employees enjoy is whenever it’s time to get paid an email will arrive in the employee’s email inbox notifying them that they’ve been paid and their pay stub is available for viewing inside their account.  The service eliminates the need to receive a paper check when you can easily view your paycheck online.

Anytime an employee needs to access his personal file and make changes to his name, address, or possibly add a dependent they can simply login to their account and make those changes.  The Human Resources department will be notified of the edits and give approval for the update to occur. There’s no paperwork that needs to be completed to make these changes. Everything is done electronically which speeds up the updating process.

Open Enrollment

During Open Enrollment the process of making benefit elections has been simplified even further through the APS payroll online.  Employees can easily login to their account and make their changes or review their benefit election options. Performance appraisals are another feature that is part of the ESS system.  Company Supervisors or Managers can complete performance appraisals online and employees can review and sign them within their account. It’s a faster process and easier transition compared to paper reviews.


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