Enroll in Springleaf Rewards and Earn 2500 Points

As a benefit to customers of Springleaf who have a current loan account a new rewards program has been rolled out that will allow members to earn points for basically doing what they’re already doing.  Customers will be rewarded for a variety of activities including visiting their local Springleaf branch, visiting the online website, becoming involved with Springleaf on social media, paying their bills on time, participating with free online credit education, and a lot more.  The good thing about earning points is it won’t cost members anything and at the same time they’ll be doing themselves a favor by strengthening their financial health.

As a result of earning points customers will be able to redeem those points for popular retail gift cards including being a part of the Springleaf Perks program that offers discounts and exclusive deals on HDTV’s, cell phone plans, major appliances, and travel.  All rewards members will have access to the Perks program with over 30,000 merchants participating with great deals to offer.  More and more companies are launching rewards/loyalty programs for their customers so this is an opportunity for Springleaf customers to get something back by being more interactive.

Currently customers that enroll in this free program will receive 2500 points to get you started.  The only step required is to sign in to your account at https://www.springleaf.com/rewards.  Customers who do not have a registered account online can click the “Don’t have an account yet?” link and enroll.  Other activities that customers can earn points on are 1000 points for logging in to your account just once a week and 5000 points for paying your bills on time for 12 months.  

The rewards program is only available for Springleaf customers that have their account in good standing and who are registered for online account access.  Take the time to learn more about this program by visiting www.springleaf.com/rewards.

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