Enroll in the State Farm Drive Safe & Save Program

Are you looking to save money on your auto insurance premiums?  State Farm has introduced a way for their customers who have good driving records and who drive less than others an opportunity to reduce their premiums by up to 50%.  The name of the program is Drive Safe & Save.  This is a great way for customers looking to take more control over their auto insurance costs.

How does the Drive Safe & Save program actually work?  In order for State Farm to monitor your driving habits vehicle’s will need to have installed communication devices such as OnStar, In-Drive, or SYNC.  State Farm uses these devices to collect information about your driving.  The information that is collected such as your driving distances is used to calculate and determine your eventual discount.

For newer cars that have OnStar, In-Drive, or SYNC already installed then enrolling in the Drive Safe & Save program is simple.  You have everything you need already to get started.  Customers with these services already must have an active subscription in order to enroll such as with OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics.  The program does not work with vehicles that do not have an active subscription.

For older vehicles that may not have these services already installed you can still participate in the Drive Safe & Save program by getting an In-Drive device installed in your vehicle.  It is available through State Farm.  You can see more instructions on their website on how to get one sent to you.  It is a simple plugin device that you plug into a port under your dashboard.

Along with calculating your mileage and sending it to State Farm the In-Drive device has other convenient benefits such as assistance in the event your vehicle is stolen, hands free mobile talking, and vehicle driving reports.  It is also subscription based but is affordable for most drivers while offering new customers to the program a free year’s service after it’s been installed in your vehicle.  There is a small monthly fee after the first year is over.

There are more details about the Drive Safe & Save Program at the link HERE.



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