Enroll in Wing Zone Rewards Program

Wing Zone customers can begin earning rewards points for online orders by participating in the Wing Zone Rewards program.  The program allows customers to earn points and redeem them for special discounts and prizes.  For starters when customers order 5 times online they will receive a $5 discount on their next order.  Customers that make 20 orders will receive 2 Wing Zone glasses, 35 order will receive a Wing Zone Cooler, 50 orders will receive 2 Wing Zone Tailgating chairs, and 100 orders will receive a Cornhole Set.  

Whenever a customer reaches any prize level they will be automatically sent the prize.  The points system is very simple equating to 1 point for every order over $10.  As points are accumulated customers can redeem 5 points anytime and receive a $5 discount on their next order.  They don’t have to worry about their points for discounts expiring and at the end of the year and their points for prizes will reset.  Customers will need to use those prize points and redeem for gifts prior to the end of the year.

To get started in the rewards program visit www.wingzone.com/rewards and select the “Enroll Now” link.  You will need to complete the online registration form which basically includes entering your name, address, phone number, email address, and birthday.  After this information has been entered you will officially have an online account with Wing Zone and are ready to begin ordering and accumulating points.  

Inside your online account you will be able to view past orders, make new orders, monitor your rewards points, etc.  Your account information is accessible anytime online and requires your email address and password to enter.

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