Enter Your Invitation Code for BuyPower MasterCard

Do you have plans to purchase a new General Motors vehicle in the near future?  If so a great way to help you save up for the down payment is through the Capital Online BuyPower MasterCard program.  Through this credit card program consumers can use their BuyPower card like any other credit card and through the rewards points they accrue the points can be used directly towards the down payment of a brand new vehicle purchase or lease.  Other perks included for cardholders are complimentary upgrades on airlines, trip cancellation insurance, and airport conceirge.

New Cardholders who plan to use the card and capitalize on its earning potential can expect to enjoy 5% earnings on the first $5,000 spent annually and an unlimited 2% earnings on all other purchases afterwards.  There is no annual fee attached to the card and consumers will have the privilege to earn unlimited points with no expiration date.  There is also no need to worry about a variable APR during the first year of card use because for the first year there is a 0% APR.  After the first year you can expect APR rates depending on your credit between 11.90% and 19.90%.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer and storing up rewards points to use towards the purchase or lease of a new GM vehicle such as a Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, or Buick then visit (https://www.partnercardapply.com/splash/buypowercard) and complete the online application process.  You will need to locate the 10 digit invitation number that is located on the mailer you received from Capital One.  Enter the invitation number in the appropriate field and continue forth with completing the online application.  After finishing the application you can wait a few seconds for an instant decision on your credit acceptance along with approved credit limit.

Once accepted you will be able to use your new BuyPower MasterCard anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  Keep in mind when you are ready to purchase your new vehicle you will be able to utilize other GM promotions in conjunction with your rewards points.  

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