Everbank Field Live Stream of New Video Boards

The Jacksonville Jaguars are finally upgrading their football stadium with new scoreboards.  For years this has been a much needed upgrade to enhance EverBank Field so it’ll be a much more attractive and interesting stadium while definitely enhancing the game day experience for fans.

There are a number of video upgrades taking place at the stadium but the major “take notice” upgrades will be 2 massive scoreboards that will be located at both endzones.  These scoreboards will be on record as the largest scoreboards for any outdoors stadium measuring 60 feet high by 362 feet wide along with 13mm HD pixel spacing.  These video boards will be used for feature plays, instant replays, live action, stats, scoring info, sponsors, etc.

There are also plans to install ribbon displays featuring 15mm HD pixel spacing below each end zone display.  The dimensions will measure 3 feet high by 365 feet wide.  New displays will also be placed in the stadium corners and above each tunnel.

While all of the construction work and new equipment additions are being added to Everbank Stadium fans can take a peek at all of the building excitement live as it is unfolding on a daily basis through a live camera at the link  The camera will be on all the time to give fans insight into how all of the new upgrades are taking shape from beginning to end.

Along with enhancing the scoreboards the team is also adding new signage along the upper deck of the stadium including changing the endzones.  All of the renovations will be completed by the beginning of the season.  For now fans can tune in to all of the building excitement live at the link HERE.




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