Exclusive Benefits for NetSpend Cardholders

There are a lot of reasons why consumers choose the NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard as an alternative to a credit card.  The card is used by employees to direct deposit their paycheck and during tax preparation season consumers have their tax refunds electronically deposited to their card.  With the MasterCard logo the card can be be used anywhere where MasterCard is accepted including everyday uses such as paying bills, buying groceries, making online purchases, and more.  Getting a card is very easy as there are no credit checks involved and no late fees are ever assessed to cardholders.  You only spend what you have deposited on your card.

Other benefits cardholders can enjoy is the Online Account Center that allows users to track all of their spending from their online account.  Cardholders can login to their account 24 hours a day 7 days a week and view their transaction history, utilize online tools to assist with budgeting and spending, pay bills from their account, transfer money to another NetSpend user, and more.  When users register for an online account they will be able to use their login credentials to sign on which can be done from any computer with internet access or mobile devices.  The online center is a convenient tool for users as they can easily manage their account while on the go.

Anytime Alerts is another convenient resource to help cardholders with managing their account.  The alert feature will send notifications to your mobile device in the form of a text message to update you when there’s activity taking place with your account.  You can set text alerts for issues such as transactions, account balance, deposits made, etc.  Whenever there is activity your smartphone will receive a text message so you’ll stay aware of your account status.

Just like with most credit cards offering cashback rewards points on purchases NetSpend cardholders also have the opportunity to earn rewards points.  With the NetSpend Payback Rewards program users can earn cash bonuses for simply using their card.  Users can keep track of their rewards points by logging in to the Online Account Center.  There are other benefits to using the NetSpend card and to learn more visit (www.netspendbenefits.com).

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