Exclusive Offer on Dyson Ball Vacuum

Customers in the market for a brand new vacuum cleaner can take advantage of a special offer by Dyson to purchase a Dyson Ball vacuum for 6 monthly payments under $75.  The deal comes with the vacuum, 5 year warranty, free shipping, Combination tool, Stair tool, Flat Out tool, Multi-angle brush, and Tool Storage case.  For customers interested in purchasing the vacuum outright it is $449.00 and comes with a free soft dusting brush and mattress tool.

This is a great opportunity to make an investment in an excellent vacuum cleaner that will last for years.  The 6 month payment plan is affordable for just about anyone to purchase and to sweeten the deal each order comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  This allows customers to try the vacuum out for 30 days (after paying the initial payment of $74.85) to see how it performs and further decide on whether or not they want to keep it.  If they decide to keep it their credit card will be charged the remaining 5 months at $74.83 OR if a customer decides to return the vacuum they must do so within the 30 day window to receive a refund on their initial payment.

The Dyson Ball Vacuum is a proven leader amongst vacuums as it has been rated and tested against its competition and has received high marks.  It is a versatile cleaner which has a self-adjusting cleaner head allowing users to not only clean carpets but transition to hard surface floors as well.  It has superior suction power reassuring the user that every time the vacuum is turned on a deep cleaning process has begun.

The Dyson Ball is known for its Ball technology that enables the vacuum to have superior mobility around furniture and objects in your home.  With most other vacuums they rely on bags to trap the dirt that is sucked up and as the bags get full the vacuum loses power and sends dust back into the environment.  The Dyson Ball utilizes Radial Root Cyclone technology that spins dust and dirt out of the air which preserves air pressure allowing for maximum suction.  The dust and dirt is stored in a bin which can be emptied at the push of a button.

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