Exclusive Offer on the Power Pressure Cooker XL

The Power Pressure Cooker XL is the latest kitchen appliance designed to cook your favorite family slow cooker recipes faster than your old Crock Pot.  This appliance will save you time and money in the long run as you’re able to reduce your cooking time by up to 75% or for some meals as much as 10 times faster.  With the Power Pressure Cooker XL Sunday doesn’t have to be the only day of the week that you cook your best meals for the family but during the week as well.

It has an amazing 6 quart capacity that is deep enough to put in a whole slab of ribs.  With the pre-programmed cooking settings on the front of the appliance all you need to do is make a selection and the PPC will start the cooking process.  It utilizes Flavor Infusion Technology that utilizes the hot steam that is created on the inside of the pot to cook the food while preserving all the flavor and nutrients.  Not only are you cooking the food faster but it will be healthier for the entire family.

Other useful features of the PPC are frozen foods can be placed in the appliance without the need for thawing them out first.  They will cook as is and turn out wonderfully.  An entire meal can also be cooked in the PPC utilizing the One Pot Cooking feature.  This eliminates the work and effort of pulling out 2 or 3 different pots/pans to prepare your meals on.  The One Pot Cooking feature simplifies the entire cooking process allowing you to combine all ingredients into one pot.

With the exclusive online offer found at www.comprapowerpressurecooker.com new customers can purchase their own PPC XL and take advantage of the 3 month payment plan at $33.33.  It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee that will allow you plenty of time to try out the appliance and see for yourself how amazing the product is.  As bonus gifts customers will receive a Power Chopper and Power Cooker recipe book.

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