Exclusive Online Offer for Shark Rocket Vacuum

The Shark Rocket Ultra-light Vacuum, called by some people a “Stick” vacuum, is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner that has all the functionality of a regular upright but in a slim design.  According to many customers you won’t miss your old bulky vacuum cleaner after you start using the Rocket.  At first glance it doesn’t look to be very powerful but in comparison to traditional models it outperforms all others.

There are so many benefits to switching to a Shark Rocket which begins with its slim lightweight design.  You will have no trouble cleaning underneath furniture, around objects, and between narrow spaces.  Because you don’t have all the bulk you can easily glide through these areas and easily clean spots without having to move around furniture.  To accompany its lightweight design is Enhanced Swivel Steering that really allows you to maneuver throughout your home.

The most advertised benefit of all Shark cleaning products is the No Loss of Suction Rocket Technology which is the power behind how it deep cleans your floors.  The best way to describe this feature is when bags in older vacuums began to get full the vacuum would lose suction power and not clean as good.  With No Loss of Suction vacuums like the Shark Rocket which use canisters to collect dirt and dust instead of bags, as they get full the technology will still provide the same power as if the canister was empty which allows you to continue deep cleaning.

Another plus to the vacuum is the attachments that work well with its portable design.  Not only can you deep clean your floors but with the attachments you can clean other areas of your home especially hard to reach areas.  With the various cleaning attachments that come with the Rocket you can begin cleaning your ceiling fans, draperies, vents, top of furniture, window sills, inside your vehicles, and more.  Anywhere there’s dust collecting the Rocket along with the right attachment can suck up that dust.

Right now new customers can take advantage of a special online offer at www.tryrocketvac.com to purchase the Rocket for 5 payments of $39.95 per month or customers can visit Shark’s online catalog of Shark Rocket vacuums at Amazon.com.  Shopping through Amazon.com allows you to read reviews left by customers who’ve purchased the vacuum.  Currently the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro has received nearly 900 customer reviews and customers have given the vacuum a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.  Just by looking at the customer review numbers you can see the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro is a top notched vacuum that people love.

You will receive with your order the vacuum, dusting brush, 12” crevice tool, wide upholstery tool, wall mount, 32 inch cord, free lifetime warranty, and free steam mop.

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