Fix Chipped Paint in Minutes with Simoniz

When you wash your car do you notice the growing number of noticeable paint chips?  Do you wish there was an easy way to repair them without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new paint job?  If you are looking for a simple fix consider Simoniz Paint Chip Repair.  It is an easy application that can repair those small cosmetic damages within seconds and provide a professional looking finish.

How does Simoniz work?  It’s a simple application that they’ve coined the phrase “just dab it, flatten it, and wipe it.”  You’ll notice after applying the product that it blends in with your current paint job and produces a very smooth finish completing concealing the chipped area.  With this product you can do it yourself and save money in the end.

When you visit the Simoniz ordering site there is a color selecting option to help locate the exact color to order for your particular vehicle.  They have a database of colors and all you need to do is input the year, make, and model of your vehicle to reveal the color options available.  If your car is in the database the system will find an exact color match that you can select.

The Simoniz Paint Chip Repair offer is currently not available in stores and can be purchased online for $29.99 plus $9.99 processing and handling.  As a free bonus you will receive a second color, microfiber towel, applicator, and glove.



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