Florida Department of Education Student Loan Online Payment

The Florida Department of Education has established the online site Office of Student Financial Assistance to provide information on scholarships, grants, and an alternative option for making student loan payments.  If you are making payments and typically receive in the mail a monthly billing statement there are instructions on the statement on how to pay online.  Paying online is simply an option to help make payments easier otherwise paying via mail or by phone are still available.

To make your online payment visit the Office of Student Financial Assistance site and click the link on the left side of the homepage “Student Loans – Information for Student’s Parents, Schools, & Lenders.”  That link will direct you to The Federal Family Education Loan Program where you will be provided an additional link to click “FLDOE/FFELP Loans Online.”  Click that link and you will be directed to the Official Portal of the State of Florida where you can enroll in the online payment system and make one-time payments monthly or setup an automatic payment.

Having an online account is a convenience as you will have the option to login anytime and review your pay history and easily make payments that will reflect the same day.  There are options on how to make those payments whether through a bank draft, credit card, etc.  Those options are available inside your account to select from.

To continue paying by mail customers can submit their payment along with the payment slip which is attached to their monthly billing statement to:

Office of Student Financial Assistance

Post Office Box 277412

Atlanta, Georgia  30384-7412

To make payments by phone customers can call:  1-800-366-7412



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